Enabling Diversity & Inclusion in Clinical Trials


Diversity in clinical research is imperative to ensure the safety and effectiveness of drugs and medical devices for all people—and everyone in the industry is a key stakeholder. Clinical trials today still lack ethnic diversity, and to make trials more inclusive and improve equity in research, we ALL have a part to play.

TransPerfect Life Sciences’ webinar series will take a closer look into each stakeholder’s role, current challenges, misconceptions, and activities for more inclusive clinical trials.  

In the first webinar in the series, Amanda Ryan, President of G3 Life Sciences, will speak with Aman Khera, VP, Global Head of Regulatory Strategy at Worldwide Clinical Trials, and Luke Gelinas, Advarra’s IRB Chair and Senior Advisor, about their perspective on diversity in clinical trials. They will discuss the role language services and cultural competency play in creating greater access to information for patients, as well as how more robust payment practices and decentralized clinical trials can further diversify the patient population.

Watch some highlights from our discussion below:

Are DCTs the right approach to D&I in clinical trials?

What role do translations play in D&I in trials?

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